In case you've not caught on, Saso and Ben love a good taco and also love to taco-bout-it, hence being called the Taco Twins.

The first 10 minutes of the Abundant Life podcast is called Taco Talk. It's basically where we talk about things going on our personal lives which typically includes places we've been out to eat including taco shops, wing spots, and good burger joints.

If you'd like us to try a spot and mention it on the show, just contact us.

These are just a few food spots Saso and Ben recommend.

Artwork by Dora Ulici
Artwork by Dora Ulici

Tacos & Mexican

Tacos Tijana

Good variety of street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, vampiros and mulitas. Corn tortillas are homemade. Al Pastor is made on the trompo. Salsa bar has a couple different salsas. Drink options are pretty good including horchata and jamiaca.

Tacos Calafia

Lots of menu options from quesadillas to burritos, nachos, vampiros, mulitas and more. The al pastor is made on the trompo and is AMAZING! Good variety of salsas and drinks too. Grilled onion and jalapeno are FREE! Just ask for it when you pick up your meal.

AZ Taco Boys

These boys are making some good stuff. Excellent variety of meat including tripa, cabeza, and barbacoa all cooked on mesquite charcoal. Salsa bar has great variety. Seating is limited but you won't be disappointed. Just open up a taco tab and eat as many tacos as you can!

Tacos El Yiyo

Good variety of street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, vampiros and Tortas. Everything cooked on mesquite charcoal. Salsa bar has a good variety of salsas.


There is one reason alone that Fredericos get's mentioned. It's their Taco Tuesday special. Hardshell tacos with ground beef, shredded beef or chicken, each $1.50.


Ritos is an upscale Mexican restaurant. It has a cool vibe and the chips and salsa are pretty good. They have a small to medium sized menu, but everything on the menu is pretty amazing!

Comedor Guadalajara

This Phoenix downtown restaurant is amazing! All I can say is get the Parrillada. What is a Parriallada? It's a big pile of various grilled meats served with rice, beans and tortilla. This is a must try!

Pizza & Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings are sometimes small, but never disappoint. French fries are pretty good too! Great lunch special deals.


Little Miss BBQ

Amazing brisket, pork belly, burritos and much more!

Naked Q

Stop in for lunch, but go early before the meat sells out! Great Q sandwiches and plateters.


George & Sons

Really good American Chinese. Pork fried rice and the noodles are awesome. Service at George & Sons is phenomenal!

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